Think transportation consultancy services includes Traffic Engineering, Traffic Surveys, Traffic impact studies, BRT Design, Mass Transit, Traffic Demand Modelling, Traffic Forecasting, Geometric Design, Intelligent Transportation System, Toll Management System, Parking Management System, Smart Signal Management System, Data Collection, House Hold surveys, Turning Moment Count Surveys, Mid-Block Count Surveys, Land Surveying, Topographic surveying, aerial Surveying, Social Surveys, marketing surveys, City Planning surveys, surveys,  Road Safety, traffic survey apps.

Transportation Design Services

Our services in Transportation Engineering includes geometric designs of Roads/Highway/Transit, Roadside and Landscape design Pavement designs and management system and Drainage designs.

Transportation Design Services

Our services in Transportation Engineering includes geometric designs of Roads/Highway/Transit, Roadside and Landscape design Pavement designs and management system and Drainage designs.

Geometric Design

We provide services in geometric designs (conceptual, preliminary and detailed design, design reviews and quality audits) and have dedicated team for design utilizing AutoCAD, MX Roads, Civil3d software packages. Our diverse team ensures that the designs, we prepare, proves to be economical, sustainable, safe and constructible through integrated approach. We have worked on AASHTO, Dubai Manual, AustRoads and DMRB. Our services include geometric designs of

Residential and Commercial developments

Rural and Urban roads

Highways and Motorways

Mass Transit (BRT)


Grade separated Interchanges

Transport Economics

We also offer our services in the field transportation economics. Our team comprises of economists, transport modellers and planners are capable to provide following services:

Economic evaluation of transport infrastructure

Risk Assessment

Road Pricing and the Cost of Congestion

Transport policy analysis and integrated planning

Analysis of transport externalities 

Pavement Engineering

Our Pavement engineering team is responsible to provide services in pavement design (flexible and rigid pavements), material inspection and pavement evaluation and management. We make use of software including

KENLAYER, ArcGIS, HDM-4. Our services include:

Pavement design and evaluation

Preparation of specifications

Rehabilitation Design

Economic Analysis

Pavement performance management




Road Safety

We offer our services in the field of accident investigation and road safety, utilizing guidelines of HSM, MUTCD, FHWA and AASHTO. Our team is working hard to promote the culture of transport safety through working with traffic authorities in Pakistan. Our services includes

Crash data collection

Accident Investigation

Accident Simulations

Road Safety Audit




Traffic Engineering

Our services in Traffic Engineering & planning includes computer aided traffic simulations & modelling, policy formulation and procedures, public transit planning and evaluation of transport systems. We also offer services in Traffic Engineering including data collection and automated traffic surveys using CAD and GPS tools, traffic impact studies, traffic management & control, capacity analysis, public transport priority, traffic calming and traffic safety.

Traffic Simulation

The traffic engineering department of Think Transportation realize simulation of transportation through the application VISSIM to better help plan, design and operate transportation systems for smart buildings and cities. like:


Assessment and optimization of Transit Signal Priority (TSP) and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) schemes

Feasibility studies for High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) and High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes

Impact analysis of infrastructure design such as highway corridor improvement/construction

Environmental impact analysis

Toll and road pricing

Evaluation of travel demand management (TDM) strategies

Signal control plan optimization and adaptive control evaluation

Safety analysis

Evaluation of Variable Speed policies and other Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) analysis

Work-zone management


Data Collection & Surveys

We perform automated & manual data collection and surveys (engineering, social, economic). We realize that the accuracy in data collection to perform quality transport studies is extremely important and therefore utilize various technology in conducting surveys, including Geographical Information Systems, Global Positioning Systems and CAD software.

o House hold information surveys
o Opinion surveys
o Turning movement count surveys
o Mid-block counts
o Origin and Destination (OD) surveys
o Travel time studies
o Boarding alighting surveys
o Signal time surveys
o Parking surveys
o Pedestrian surveys
o Bus / Public transit surveys

Engineering Surveys
o Topographic Surveys
o Hydrological Surveys
o Pavement Condition Surveys

Public Transport (Mass Transit)

We have worked on various public transit (BRT) and public transport improvement projects in different capacities and are fully capable to provide services including


Comprehensive mobility plans

Feasibility studies

Public Transport policy development

BRT Alignment design

Transit Orient Development (TOD) policy, planning & design

Non Motorized Transport (NMT) policy, planning & designation Design

Travel Demand Modelling

We offer our services in computer aided traffic modelling and use latest software package including Transit, Synchro, Sidra, TransCAD, Vissim, Visum, Vistro, Aimsun, Viswalk, Balance, OmniTrans & Arc-GIS

Capacity Analysis

Delay Analysis

Traffic Calming

Traffic Simulation

Traffic Management Plans

Corridor Modelling

Single Intersection Modelling

Highway Assignment Modelling

Micro and Macro simulation Modelling

Activity based Modelling

Public Transport (BRT) Modelling

Traffic Impact  & Parking Studies

We have performed Traffic Impact Studies on various development (industrial, residential, commercial and mixed use developments) projects both at pre-construction and post-construction stage of developments. We are fully capable to understand the traffic impact and provide innovative and sustainable mitigation measures that are suited to local environment and requirements, including software based traffic simulations for clear visualization.

We also offer our services, mentioned below, in Parking planning and design. We understand that through the provision of appropriate parking facilities the traffic impact of the development could be mitigated considerably and it is also important for the efficient use of the development, be them the commercial or residential projects or public transport projects like BRT.


Parking surveys and data collection

Parking planning (on and off street)

Parking design

Atomatic Parking Management System

Technology Development

Our R&D department have designed and developed various products including Smart Traffic Signals, Parking Management Systems, Mobility Tracking & Monitoring systems, Vehicle prioritization, Fare collection systems and various other Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) products/mobile apps/software application.

Design of Traffic Control and ITS

Our R&D department have expertise in designing and developed of various products/ products/mobile apps/software application. 

Smart Traffic Signals 

Parking Management Systems

Mobility Tracking & Monitoring systems

Vehicle/Public Transport prioritization

Fare collection systems

Project & Program Management

We offer full range of project and program management services including project planning and scheduling, project monitoring and evaluation, procurement, capacity development, quality assurance and control, contract administration and claim management and construction supervision. 

Contract Administration and Claims Management

Our contract administration service include managing and administering construction contracts. We have a team offering services in administering and delivering of contracts, working closely with the clients to deliver the projects in time meeting the quality and cost targets. 

General contract management

Financial management

Variations management

Project Monitoring and Extensions of time assessment

Defects liability / maintenance period

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