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Extension of Lyari Expressway

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Extension of Lyari Expressway

Lyari Expressway is a highway along the Lyari River in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. Lyari Expressway’s North bound section is currently under construction, While the South bound corridor is now completed and it was inaugurated for traffic. This toll highway is designed to relieve congestion in the city of Karachi. It is a 16.5 km expressway that consist of four lanes on both sides, with two interchanges, five overpasses and five underpasses. The expressway has toll plazas at four locations.

This study is performed to examine the viability of extension of Lyari expressway up to Hawksbay to provide direct access to Mauripur industrial from Motorway M-9. For this purpose, Think Transportation performed traffic volume count and origin destination surveys on all toll gates of Lyari Expressway and other traffic attraction roads. This information is then utilized to estimate increase in demand due to extension of expressway up to Hawksbay.

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