Feasibility Study of Malir Expressway, Karachi

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    Feasibility Study of Malir Expressway, Karachi

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    Transportation Planning

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Feasibility Study of Malir Expressway, Karachi

Feasibility Study of Malir Expressway, Karachi

Malir Expressway is the shortest and fastest way for connecting upcountry traffic with Port Region of Karachi. This proposed Expressway is going to be the longest road planned to constructed in Urban Area of Karachi City. Feasibility study was conducted to estimate potential demand of proposed expressway along with planning of phase wise Entry and Exit point and interchanges.
To determine the patterns and characteristics of the existing traffic, volume counts, OD surveys and travel time studies were performed. That helped in estimating potential travel time benefit commuter got by using proposed facility.
Data from the traffic counts provided the classification of vehicles and modes of traffic movement at different times of the day and the results tabulated in the form of percentages and discrete figures for each vehicle classification.
Sample based OD surveys carried out on significant road in both the directions to identify the actual travel pattern.
In order to estimate the travel demand on Malir Expressway, the traffic that potentially use the proposed facility were estimated using the methodology described below.

  • Analysis of Volume Counts and OD Surveys for Existing Traffic
  • Sequential Steps for Estimation of Existing Traffic
  • Separating each OD and traffic volumes as per survey location and traffic direction
  • Individual Trip Assignment Diagram
  • Weighted Average
  • Weighted Average Trip Assignment Diagram
  • Travel Demand Estimation for Attracted Traffic
  • Development of Road Network GIS Model
  • Developments of Nodes and Centroids
  • Development of Existing Travel Time Matrix
  • Traffic Assignment in Existing Conditions
  • Development of Travel Time Matrix – Post Construction
  • Traffic Assignment – Post Construction Scenario
  • Total Demand

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