Traffic Study of Redline BRT University Road Karachi

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    Traffic Study of Redline BRT University Road Karachi

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    Bus Rapid Transit

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Traffic Study of Redline BRT University Road Karachi

Traffic Study of Redline BRT University Road Karachi

Red Line is a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) route proposed in Karachi Master Plan 2020 from Safoora Chowrangi to M.A. Jinnah Road. Its major portion comprises on University Road which is one of the major arterial of Karachi and part of signal free corridor. Number of Government offices buildings, universities and educational institutes are located on this road, making it educational hub of Karachi. Some of prominent traffic attracter on University Road includes: Civic Centre, NIPA, AG-Sindh, SSGC HQ, University of Karachi, NED University, Sir Syed University, Usman Institute, Dawood Engineering University, SUPARO HQ, DOW University Hospital and many more. Since presence of these institutions, ranked University Road as one of the most person trip attracting zone of Karachi and warranting its significance for a mass transit route.
The purpose of this study is to conducted and quantifies the traffic and travel pattern in different section of University Road along the alignment of Red Line Bus Rapid Transit which will assist in the geometric layout, dimensioning of the junctions and the traffic engineering design. Traffic surveys and travel data collection play a key role in understanding the travel patterns and volumes. Surveys indeed provide the core data on which the subsequent analyses and recommendations of the study are based. This study presents a review of traffic survey and traffic counts which will be carried out at the proposed BRT Red Line corridor.

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