Modernization of Gaddani Shipbreaking Yard

Project Description

Modernization of Gaddani Shipbreaking Yard

Gadani ship-breaking yard is the world’s third largest ship breaking yard. The yard consists of 132 ship-breaking located across a 10 km long beachfront at Gadani, Pakistan, about 50 kilometers northwest of Karachi. Gadani currently has an annual capacity of breaking up to 125 ships of all sizes, including supertankers, with a combined LDT of 1,000,000 tons.


Although Gadani ranks as the world’s third largest ship breaking yard after Alang and Chittagong in terms of volume, it is the world’s leading ship breaking yard in terms of efficiency. At Gadani, a ship with 5,000 LDT is broken within 30 to 45 days, whereas in India and Bangladesh, it takes, on average, more than six months for breaking a vessel of the same size.

Think transportation assigned task to Modernized the road infrastructure of Gaddani Ship Breaking Yard. For this Purpose, Think Transportation performed Traffic Count Surveys, Topographic Surveys, Soil Testing and other relevant surveys on ship breaking yard road and nearby premises. All this information is then used in geometric and pavement design through advanced designing software packages to provide plan to modernized Gaddani ship breaking yard.

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