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Incident Reporting System for Efficient Emergency Response

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    Incident Reporting System for Efficient Emergency Response

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    Smart Cities, Data Collection

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    Incident detection, reporting, and Management

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Incident Reporting System for Efficient Emergency Response

Incident are differently to avoid but can be managed efficiently if can be reported timely.
We developed the GIS mobile application whose primary purpose was to allow the general public to notify relevant authorities and others using the application about incidents occurring in that specific location. The application allowed anyone registered on the application via their social media accounts to alert the user base about events in categories of crime, infrastructure degradation, accidents, price hikes and custom user-made and verified categories.
Think Transportation undertake a project to make incident reporting and database management system to report an incident in timely manner. Incident Database System has two interfaces one user end and one system end. User end have access to reporting system through mobile application. This assist in direct report of first investigation report from eye witnesses. Reporting system in integrated with database which informs the Ambulance, Police and other concern authority with precise location of incident. This system helps in reducing response time in case of incident. Database of incident assists in identifying pattern and cause of incident and preparing remedial plan.

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