Air travel transforms the way of communication by minimizing the physical separation in between different regions. Air travel not only connects people but it connects economies to further develop the global economy. Airport development has close association with economic development.

Think Transportation offers consulting services for planning and optimization of airports with a focus on Terminal Planning, Airport Processes as well as the management of complex airport operations relating to logistics and transportation.

Important objectives of our consulting services are to enhance the efficiency of logistics and transportation as well as operational efficiency at airports. By using a holistic approach which incorporates the requirements of internal and external stakeholders, we contribute to the success of our clients.

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    Our services relating to airports includes

    1. Terminal master planning and phasing in accordance to demand
    2. Layout and capacity planning of specific terminal functions and spaces
    3. Optimization of the passenger flow throughout an airport
    4. Development of operating models to improve operational efficiency and the passenger experience
    5. Determination of planning parameters and flight schedules
    6. Capacity analysis through simulation

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    Data intelligence compiled from GIS applications helped companies and industries, and consumers, to make informed decisions. Think Transportation is specialized in mapping, modeling, and analysis of Geo-coded datasets.

    GIS Mapping and Remote Sensing

    Annotated and verified data is necessary for any supervised deep learning model development pipeline, without which model training would lead to slower convergence & unnecessary edge-cases and creating unknown errors throughout the development cycle.

    Data Collection

    Efficient planning and design of road construction, renovation and maintenance works require accurate overview of existing transportation situation for assessment of economic feasibility and to quantify consequences of planned measure.
    Think Transportation principally give high importance to collection of accurate, precise and reliable data so as to ensure effective input to Analysis Activities.

    Traffic Surveys

    Public Transport contributes significantly to a sustainable urban mobility solution. Think Transportation has the privilege to have involved in planning of major public transportation projects involving Metro Bus, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and Railways facilities all over Pakistan.

    Public Transport Planning and Design

    Logistics is an integral component of Supply Chain Management. It involves the planning, operation and management of freight from the supplier to the consumer.
    Think Transportation has matured experience in logistic planning, operation and management, having been involved in projects and worked with major industries and logistic companies.


    Highway Engineering aims at designing the geometrics and pavement structure of Highways in a safe and cost-effective manner. Our valuable team is expert for undertaking design engineering projects with experience in various types of roadways, highway and grade separated designs as well as knowledge of the types of landscapes and land-use geometries.

    Highway Engineering and Design
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