Autonomous Vehicles

autonomous vehicles at an intersection

Autonomous Vehicles

Automate traveling with smart, perceptually aware vehicles

The automotive industry have been racing to create a completely autonomous vehicle; i.e. Level 5 vehicle autonomy; for a stress-free and safe traveling experience. This requires state of the art technological development and arduous research and development by the academia and the industry in machine learning, dynamic mapping, control systems, telematics, computer vision, sensor fusion, tree search algorithms, reinforcement learning, predictive modelling and localization techniques. 

At Think Transportation, we aim to evolve, and optimize vehicle systems for simpler, safer and smoother operations. Accelerate your journey to a safe ADS with defined and regulated guidelines and principles. From Smart Drones for delivering packages to Autonomous Vehicles such as Personal Cars and Freight Trucks, we utilize the power of big data, data warehousing, machine learning and artificial intelligence with extensive qualitative and quantitative testing and validation to provide you with complete modular solutions to your specified tasks.

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    Driver Monitoring & Active Safety

    Safety and comfort of the user is of the highest priority for Autonomous Vehicles thus the monitoring of the HMI is essential for tasks such as switching DDT, understanding user intent, distraction and absence from HMI interface.

    We help you in collecting vision data, developing machine learning models, testing the quality of these monitoring systems and defining & integrating edge-cases in a continuous loop for 

    1. face recognition, 
    2. human posture recognition
    3. activity recognition
    4. behaviour recognition.
    5. Voice recognition and guidance

    These can be utilized for detecting scenarios such as vandalization of the car, improper seating configuration, user health monitoring and more.


    Module Development & Quality Assurance

    Whether it is an L2 capable autonomous vehicle or it is an L4; the ability to perceive, understand and appropriately react to the environment is an essential task for developing autonomy. Think Transportation provides the engineering services for automotive AI solution providers that use machine learning and computer vision to make data-driven decisions.


    We also believe that it is a necessity that AI safety and quality control are taken into account during the complete development cycle as well as maximizing the accuracy of the models.

    We help you throughout the process from defining the network specifications, designing & developing the architecture and training, validation & testing of the model for. 

    1. Object attribute recognition, 
    2. 2D & 3D detection and segmentation,
    3. Multi-view 3D reconstruction,
    4. Scene Understanding,
    5. Ego-motion estimation, 
    6. Vehicle localization, 
    7. Path planning,
    8. Route planning.
    9. Predictive Vehicle Maintenance

      Mapping & Navigation

      The automated industry's digital transformation is setting new standards for car navigation systems, improving both safety and driving experience. We help automakers reduce the time they spend collecting maps and improve their positioning algorithms with their automotive navigation software development services.


      For redundant localization and as a fallback, Autonomous vehicles need prior information of the environment. With highly accurate & detailed 3D maps, vehicles are able to localize effectively and be contextually aware of their surroundings. 

      With advanced sensors, high-performance computing and human annotations, we help you realize detailed maps with information such as lane detection & direction, driveable areas, ground height, pavement areas, street lights & signs detection and more according to your needs. 



      1. 2D and 3D map rendering
      2. Map compilation
      3. Online and Offline search
      4. Real-time traffic navigation

      Connected Vehicles

      With the advent of wireless technology, vehicles have gained the ability to communicate with their surroundings and the users, creating a dramatic digital transformation that is affecting the global automotive industry.

      We at Think Transportation enable you in creating behaviour models and simulations for connected vehicles for Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V), Vehicle to Infrastructure(V2I) and Vehicle to Everything (V2X) connectivity. Create simulations for traffic management and vehicle behaviour for traffic ranging from fully human driven to partially autonomous to fully autonomous with automatic traffic control and intelligent infrastructure.

      Understand and identify traffic behaviour impact due to the introduction of autonomous vehicles in different traffic environments. Simulate urban traffic control in Vissim, Visum, Aimsun, Cube, Synchro with mixed flow traffic and partial to complete V2V, V2I or V2X connectivity.


      1.   Cooperative Traffic Control
      2.   Intelligent Metering and Congestion Control
      3.   Emergency Vehicle Preemption and Control
      4.   Advanced Traveller Information System
      5.   Automatic Traffic Signal Control
      6.   Fleet Platooning
      7.   Coordination and Synchronization of Traffic Signal
      8.   Accident Detection
      9.   Vehicle Platooning
      10. Cooperative ITS Design
      11. Vehicle Safety
      12. Driving Behaviour

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