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Our honoree associates and advisers include:

Dr. Tahir Soomro (expert in transportation planning)

Dr. Muhammad Adnan (expert in statistics and traffic engineering)

Muhammad Umair Arif (phd scholar in embedded system [electronics engineering])

Our work force consists of:

Talha Shakeel Malick (professional in Intelligent Transportation System)

Athar Hussain (professional in contracts and claims management)

Syed Shujaat Ali Naqvi (professional in software engineering)

Syed Ahsan Ali Naqvi (professional in data mining)

Danish Javed (professional in electronics engineering)

Muhammad Hasan (professional in highway design)

Arham Abbas (professional in mechatronics engineering)

Shahrukh Jameel (professional in Land Surveying)

Syed Muddasir Hussain Shah (professional in drafting)

Syed Nadir Ali Shah (professional in traffic surveys)

Abdul Basit (professional in social surveys)

Taha Shakeel Malick (professional in graphics designing)

Keeping an eye on modern multi-disciplinary integration phenomenon, Think Transportation always strive to fulfill modern needs of engineering consultancy services where the work is neither black nor white but somewhere in grey shades of integration of multiple fields. Our team comprises of expert from transportation engineering, traffic engineering, transportation modelling and simulation, transportation planning, social survey, traffic surveys, electronics engineering, software engineering, data sciences, mechatronics engineering.


We’re here to do it right and better!

Our philosophy is to deliver efficient, practical, economical and sustainable solutions considering the customers demand and expectations. We practise and promote the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) doctrine in our projects and at all levels of the organization. This enable us to achieve excellence in our services and client satisfaction.

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  • Excellence

    We vow to provide unequivocal excellence in everything that we do

  • Ownership

    We own what we do.

  • Integrity

    We believe to remain ethical and integral in our business commitments.

  • Innovation

    As needed when needed We Breaks up the routine practice

Meet the Associates

Dr. Tahir Soomro
Senior Associate and Adviser

Dr. Muhammad Adnan
Senior Associate and Adviser

Muhammad Umair Arif

Meet the Thinkers

Talha Shakeel Malik
Founder/ Director

Syed Ahsan Ali Naqvi
Sr. Traffic Engineer

Arham Abbas
Software Developer

Syed Nadir Ali Shah
Sub Engineer- Traffic

Athar Hussain
Business Development Manager

Danish Javed
Electronics Engineer

Shahrukh Jameel
Sub Engineer - Land Survey

Abdul Basit
Sub Engineer-Traffic

Syed Shujaat Ali Naqvi
Sr. Software Engineer

Muhammad Hasan
Geometric Design Engineer

Syed Muddasir Hussain
Sub Engineer - Draftsman

Taha Shakil
Graphics Designer


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