Greatest Things Happens With The Great TEAM

Think Tank

Think Transportation is one of the prime transport tech companies in Pakistan, and this won’t be happen without the collaborative effort of all Thinker, notably includes

Dr. Tahir Soomro (expert in transportation planning)

Talha Shakeel Malick (professional in Intelligent Transportation System)

Syed Ahsan Ali Naqvi (professional in data mining)

Danish Javed (professional in electronics engineering)

Muhammad Hasan (professional in highway design)

Arham Abbas (professional in mechatronics engineering)

Shahrukh Jameel (professional in Land Surveying)

Syed Muddasir Hussain Shah (professional in drafting)

Syed Nadir Ali Shah (professional in traffic surveys)

Abdul Basit (professional in social surveys)

Taha Shakeel Malick (professional in graphics designing)

Keeping an eye on modern multi-disciplinary integration phenomenon, Think Transportation always strive to fulfill modern needs of engineering consultancy services where the work is neither black nor white but somewhere in grey shades of integration of multiple fields. Our team comprises of expert from transportation engineering, traffic engineering, transportation modelling and simulation, transportation planning, social survey, traffic surveys, electronics engineering, software engineering, data sciences, mechatronics engineering.

Meet Thinkers

talha shakil mallick

Talha Shakeel Malik

Founder/ Director