Traffic Survey Peshawar

Traffic Survey Peshawar

Critical decision behind every successful development requires strong basis of reliable data and information to create confidence in decision and production activity. Transportation related development such as road infrastructure, transportation services, freight planning, public mass transportation necessitates high capital investment, therefore, entails deep traffic study to warrants the investment. Traffic Survey and Traffic Study in Peshawar is foremost step for feasibility study and planning of any development. Traffic surveys are activities to quantify the magnitude of states and parameters of traffic that is travelling through certain road segments.

Traffic Study Peshawar

Traffic Situation in Peshawar

Peshawar is the capital and activity center of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province as it controls economics and business activities of many nearby cities such as Nowshera, Attock via National Highway N5, Mardan and Charsadda via Charsadda Road, Kohat and Bannu through Kohat Road and National Highway N55, Swat via Motorway M1 and Swat Expressway M16 etc. Peshawar has also international trade connectivity with Jalalabad Afghanistan via National Highway N5 and Torkhem Border, moreover, it is connected with Central Asian countries through Durand Line. This rich connectivity with nearby cities is further assisted with internal roadway such as Peshawar Southern Bypass, Peshawar Ring Road, Saddar Road, University Road, Bara Road, Phandu Road, Hazar Khwani Road, Dalazak Road, Khyber Road, Abdara Road, Habib Jalib Road, Indusrial Estate Road, Jamrud Bara Road,  and G.T. Road.  Furthermore, it is latest major city connecting to Pakistan Afghanistan Border near Chaman and Spin Buldak increasing its geo political location. . Peshawar has seen tremendous transportation related development to serve high travel demand in last decade and so. These projects include Bus Rapid Transit project as TransPeshawar with multiple feeder bus service routes.

All these roadway infrastructures are serving major localities of Hayatabad, Nasir Bagh, Canal Town, Shaheen Town, Rahatabad, University Town, Tahkal, Abdara, Defence Colony, Gulberg, Bashirabad, Saeedabad, Rashidabad, Shahi Bagh, Dargari Garden, Hashtnagri, Ferozabad, Gulshan Town, Kambo, Madina Colony and Peshawar Cantonment, Central Business District of Saddar and commercial centers of Jahangirabad, Namak Mandi, Qisa Khwani, Shoba Bazar, Khyber Bazar, Kabuli Gate, Qila Balahisaar. along with aim to serve key future developments Defence Housing Authority DHA Peshawar, Peshawar Enclave, Nobahar City, and Peshawar City Residencia.

Traffic Congestion Solution for Peshawar

Despite development of high-profile transportation projects, Road Infrastructure is still operating in distress and pressure. There could be many reasons for this deteriorated and congested traffic condition in Peshawar including increase in vehicle ownership, less reliable public transportation, increase dependency on motorbikes, inefficient traffic management and enforcement etc. One of foremost reason for inefficiency of these projects is unreliable data collection during feasibility and planning of project and poor practices in traffic surveys in Peshawar. Efficient planning and design of road construction, renovation and maintenance works require accurate overview of existing transportation situation for assessment of economic feasibility and to quantify consequences of planned measure. Optimized decisions and plans highly depends on accuracy and quality of relevant data and its source. Traffic Surveys aim to capture precisely to reflect the real-world condition.

Traffic Survey Company in Peshawar

Think Transportation principally gives high importance to collection of accurate, precise and reliable data so as to ensure effective input to Analysis Activities. Think Transportation has been providing Traffic Engineering, Transportation Planning Consultancy in Peshawar along with specialized services of traffic surveys and data collection. Our dedicated Data Collection Experts and Team makes us proud to own excellence in data collection activities. We make use of advanced methods and information and technology to collect data in a reliable and efficient manner. We have built In-House products such as Vision Genius (for Image Processing), Smart Interview App, Road Eye App, GPS Survey App to maximize the efficiency of data collection. Our Quality Control expert inspect the quality, accuracy and reliability of Data. We conduct a vast range of surveys related to traffic and

Services include, but not limited to:

  • Automatic Traffic Count Survey (with video recording and image processing)
  • Origin Destination Surveys
  • Roadside Interview
  • Toll Audit
  • House Hold Surveys
  • Reconnaissance Survey
  • Opinion Surveys
  • Mid-Block and Turning Movement Count Surveys
  • Speed and Travel Time Surveys
  • Signal Timing Surveys
  • Queue Length and Delay Surveys
  • Parking Surveys
  • Pedestrian Surveys
  • Road Inventory Surveys
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Willingness to Pay Survey
  • Stated Preference Survey
  • Boarding and Alighting Surveys
  • Bus Transit Surveys
  • Bus Route Frequency and Occupancy Survey

Think Transportation is actively participating in changing the trends towards traffic survey, data collection techniques and mechanisms to bring foremost importance to reliable data and information for justified planning and management of transportation facilities. Think Transportation has been playing their part in the successful planning and operations of major transportation related projects and will keep striving for the enhancement.

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