Think Technologies – R&D

Think Research and Development Department keeps activated to meet futuristic demands of Transportation Engineering. Our R&D department have designed and developed various products including Smart Traffic Signals, Parking Management Systems, Mobility Tracking & Monitoring systems, Vehicle prioritization, Fare collection systems and various other Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) products/mobile apps/software application.

Research & Development

At Think Transportation, we take pride in promoting and encouraging Research and Development culture in our organization. We welcome students for career counselling, research projects and university thesis and also for discussing their ideas to quench their entrepreneurial spirit. We strongly believe that through extensive research and collaboration in technology we can achieve innovative solutions for daily life issues in general and for transportation engineering industry in particular.

We collaborate with experts, industry leaders, professionals and other organizations to identify the issues and seek their solutions through research. Currently, there exists a huge gap in the area of research and development in our industry; therefore, we seek customized solutions through research and capacity building.
Think Technologies© has developed a number of smart solutions in house, which are based on task and project specific requirements of our clients. We have developed ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) solutions with applications in transport and traffic management, mobility tracking and monitoring, fleet navigation and management, parking management systems and security.
A few of these are briefed in the subsequent pages.

Smart Signal Controller

At Think Transportation we have developed smart traffic signal controls, which operate on the inputs of traffic engineering and hence are more effective in managing the road congestion, synchronization with other traffic signals and reporting of light status. This solution is not only indigenous but also cost effective and very economical to be implemented in developing countries.

Automatically proposed an effective Green time
Fault detection
Emergency response system
Alternate manual control
Can be controll from any part of the World

Automated Fare Collection System

This solution is specifically targeted towards toll-based highways and has the following features:
Electronic fare collection
Real time monitoring
Web based management system
Operations Analysis
Traffic Survey and Analysis
Financial Audit

Parking Management System

This system has been developed in lieu of the recent stint of properly managed parking spaces in Pakistan due to space constraints and security issues. However, the systems that are currently in use have significant operational issues, which have been well catered along with a transportation engineering edge over other available solutions by the following features:

User information system
Nearest parking slot assigned upon entry according to availability
Digital Signage Display Adapters
Fare collection booths
Supports RFID, QR code and Smart Tags
Effective management of handicapped and special needs’ slots
Operational analysis including queue and lane management, proper resource utilization and peak hour management