About Us

Think Transportation, founded in 2013, offers a wide range of specialized Transportation Engineering Services including design, traffic engineering and modeling services. From traffic impact studies and modeling to roadway geometric and pavement design, to complete management of programs from planning to delivery, we do it all! We provide our services to both public and private sector clients and help them deliver transport networks and infrastructure from concept to reality. At think transportation, our knowledgeable team’s intellect and skill ensures the success of projects by providing our clients expertise and support in accordance with engineering principles and functional design practices.

Realizing the increasing demand of transportation and need to bringing on board specialized transportation engineers i.e. Urban Engineer’s, Think Transportation was founded in 2013, with the vision, not limited to start a consultancy that provide professional services in traffic and transportation engineering, but also to serve as a platform that can abridge industry and academia. A platform where researchers, thinkers and field experts can join and interact with each other and realize new projects and research arenas. The journey since our formation was not smooth but we kept moving with Allah’s mercy and support of some genuine seniors and well-wishers both in academia and in industry. In the first two years of the company we didn’t care about making money. We only took on projects that were highly artistic. We lived various challenges and worked insane hours conducting surveys, implementing standards and developing and iterating our methodologies. Our hardworking g team led us to new horizons of achievements. In turn, society needs led us to put together a robust team of Senior Associates, Partners, Skillful Engineers. That gave us the technical skills to back up the creativity of our designs.

Mission Statement

To set standards in the field of transportation and traffic engineering by practicing and developing principles and policies, and establish the norms as well as ensure their total practicality and applicability.



To become a fully functional three tier organization with Transportation Consulting Department, Transportation Product Development Department and Transportation Research Institution in order to promote entrepreneurship.



We’re here to do it right!

Our philosophy is to deliver efficient, practical and adaptable solutions for transportation, which prove to be feasible not only today, but also in the future. Our local roots enable us to understand the prevailing issues and hence, apply technical excellence accordingly to offer innovative solutions that meet the client and community needs.