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Transportation Engineer

Requirement: Bachelors in Urban or Civil Engineering

Think Transportation welcomes individual with keen interest in Transportation and Traffic Engineering to be part of our Multi-Disciplinary Team integrated to provide specialized services in Transportation Engineering.

Fresh +2 year
  • Complex Problem-Solving Skills
  • Strong Analytical and Mathematical Skills
  • Good Verbal and Writing Skills
  • Strong Individual
  • Knowledge of In practice Manuals such as AASHTO, HCM and Trip Generation Manual
  • Working knowledge of Advance Excel (with VBA), AutoCAD, Civil 3D, GIS, and Programming (preferably Python)
  • Understanding of Macroscopic Modelling and Fundamental Traffic relations
  • Understanding of Microscopic Modelling
  • Deep understanding of Queuing Theory
  • Knowledge of Mathematical Programming and Optimization

Data Scientist

Requirement: Bachelors in Computer Science or Software Engineering.

We are looking for a data scientist that will help us discover hidden information out of big data, and to help our clients in making smarter decision.

Experience 2 +2 year
  • Excellent understanding of ML techniques and algorithms.
  • Experience with and theoretical understanding of algorithms for classification, regression, clustering, and anomaly detection.
  • Ability to code or script in language such in Python, C++, R.
  • Proficiency in at least one deep learning library: tensorflow(keras), pytorch, mxnet.
  • Experience with a few data visualization tools, matplotlib, seaborn, plotly, d3js, etc.
  • Proficiency in Database Management System.
  • Working experience with source-code management systems such as Git/github/bitbucket.
  • Proficiency in developing data pipelines.
  • Data-Oriented personality.
  • Great communication Skills.

Electronics Engineer

Requirement: Bachelors in Electronic or Computer System Engineering

Think Transportation requires the services of a young and energetic electronic engineer who possess sound technical knowledge of electronics with the ability to work in an inter-disciplinary environment.

Fresh +2 year
  • Designing, inspecting, testing, and updating electronic systems and software
  • Development of effective maintenance, testing, and quality control procedures
  • Problem identification in system
  • High level of technical knowledge and IT skills
  • Strong Knowledge of Telecommunication
  • Strong analysis and practical problem-solving abilities to improve designs
  • Command on Embedded Systems
  • Working Knowledge of Micro-controller, Sensors & Robotics
  • Ability to work in a multidisciplinary team
  • Strategic thinking and commercial awareness of the industry


Marketing Manager

Requirement: Bachelors in Marketing/ Business Administration or Relevant Fields

We are looking for a talented and experienced marketing manager to expand our marketing execution specifically to build strategical relationship with existing and potential clients by developing active and engaging marketing campaign across media.

Experience 2 +2 year
  • Strong communication, sales, presentation, management, and leadership skills
  • Goal-oriented, flexible, and creative under pressure
  • Knowledge of current marketing trends and multimedia platforms
  • Strong budgeting, Internet, and computer skills
  • Strategical and Tactical skills to boost the company’s profile
  • Marketing campaigns designer from ideation to execution
  • Strategic relationship management with key industry players, agencies and vendors
  • Consumer Behavior Analyst
  • Advertising campaigns designer
  • Content Writing Skills

Internee Traffic

Requirement: Student of Bachelors in Urban or Civil Engineering

We are always welcome to guide students and fresh graduates to provide opportunity to work in real industrial projects to excel their knowledge and skills. We also welcome final year students to take integrated industrial project as their Research Topic.

Student / Fresh
  • Analytical Skills
  • Focused and Hardworking
  • Sound Computer Skills
  • Understanding of Transportation and Traffic Engineering Fundamentals

Internee Computer Science

Requirement: Student of Bachelors in Computer Science or Software Engineering

Think Transportation is providing opportunity to Computer Science students who wants to practice Artificial Intelligence and Data Science projects

Student / Fresh
  • Proficient Programming skills in at least one general language.
  • Excellent at problem solving.
  • Focused and Hardworking.
  • Strong Mathematical and Analytical Skills.
  • Good Statistical Knowledge

Field Surveyor

Requirement: Matriculation/ Intermediate

We require services of individual for field data collection services.

Student / Fresh
  • Strong Leadership Skills
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Willing to travel outside City
  • Working knowledge of Computer and Android
  • Able to work in and

Data Entry Executive

Requirement: Matriculation/ Intermediate

We require services of individual for data entry services.

Student / Fresh
  • Good Typing Skills
  • Sound knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Computer
  • Able to work in Team
  • Able to meet deadlines



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