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Think Transportation is a leading transportation engineering service provider in Pakistan (Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan, Quetta, Peshawar, Gwadar, Sukkur)  in Data Collection, House Hold surveys, Turning Moment Count Surveys, Mid-Block Count Surveys, Land Surveying, Topographic surveying, aerial Surveying, Social Surveys, marketing surveys, City Planning surveys, surveys, traffic engineering, geometric design and pavement design of transportation infrastructure, road safety, transportation economics and planning, traffic impact studies, parking studies, intelligent transportation system, public transportation, railway engineering, port operational services, coastal and harbor traffic management, traffic simulation and modelling, traffic audit studies, traffic data collection and surveys, traffic control devices management, traffic control warrant studies, BRT planning and design project planning and management, BRT Design, Mass Transit, Traffic Demand Modelling, Traffic Forecasting, Geometric Design, Intelligent Transportation System, Toll Management System, Parking Management System, Smart Signal Management System, Road Safety, traffic survey apps. , contract administration and claims management.

Our work range includes of 6 traffic impact studies projects, 3 railway engineering projects, 3 public transportation projects, 6 highway design projects, 6 bus rapid transit projects, 17 traffic engineering, travel demand modelling projects.

What Think Do?

Traffic Engineering

We offer services in Traffic Engineering including traffic impact studies, traffic management & control, capacity analysis, public transport priority, traffic calming and traffic safety. We also offer data collecting services like turning moment count, mid block  count, origin and destination survey, travel time, social and  house hold surveys.

Transportation Design

Our services in Transportation planning  includes computer aided traffic simulations & modelling, policy formulation and procedures, public transit planning and evaluation of transport systems. We have expertise of geometric designs of Roads/Highway/Transit, Roadside and Landscape design Pavement designs and management system and Drainage designs.

Technology Development

Our R&D department have designed and developed various products including Smart Traffic Signals, Parking Management Systems, Mobility Tracking & Monitoring systems, Vehicle prioritization, Fare collection systems and various other Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) products/mobile apps/software application.

Project & Program Management

We offer full range of project and program management services including project planning and scheduling, project monitoring and evaluation, procurement, capacity development, quality assurance and control, contract administration and claim management and construction supervision.

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About Us

Dream, Think, Do

Think Transportation, founded in 2013, offers a wide range of specialized Transportation Engineering Services including design, traffic engineering and modeling services. From traffic impact studies and modeling to roadway geometric and pavement design, to complete management of programs from planning to delivery, we do it all! We provide our services to both public and private sector clients and help them deliver transport networks and infrastructure from concept to reality. At think transportation, our knowledgeable team’s intellect and skill ensures the success of projects by providing our clients expertise and support in accordance with engineering principles and functional design practices.

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Research & Development

Dream Think Do

At Think Transportation, we take pride in promoting and encouraging Research and Development culture in our organization. We welcome students for career counselling, research projects and university thesis and also for discussing their ideas to quench their entrepreneurial spirit. We strongly believe that through extensive research and collaboration in technology we can achieve innovative solutions for daily life issues in general and for transportation engineering industry in particular.


Traffic impact studies

We perform Traffic Impact Studies for industrial, residential, commercial and mixed use developments of medium and large scale. In past few years Think Transportation have been involve in almost all the mega projects of Karachi

Traffic surveys

We have a dedicated team to conduct automated Traffic/Road & Pavement Condition/Topographic/Economic and Social surveys utilizing modern technology in electronic data collecting & processing, computer aided drafting, smart user interface & data validation techniques.

Design of Traffic control devices

Think Transportation has an edge in this regard where the traffic engineers collaborate with the in-house R&D team in designing automated and smart traffic signals, parking management system and other associated technologies.

Travel demand modeling

Urbanization and Problemization both are connected to a single axle of planning therefore we gives significance importance in demand modelling by using computer aided traffic modelling suits and GIS interfaces to establish integrated transportation models at local, regional and national levels.

Geometric designing

Our valuable team is expert for undertaking design engineering projects with experience in various types of roadways, highway and grade separated designs as well as knowledge of the types of landscapes and land-use geometries.

Road safety audits

We offer audit services at intersections, roads and networks in order to assess the safety of a transport facility with an engineering aspect in order to minimize accidents.

Pavement designing

We have marked success in multiple    pavement  projects where  we offer  pavement engineering   and design          (flexible and rigid) , pavement          management, rehabilitation and maintenance and pavement condition  surveys.

Public Transport (Mass Transit - BRT)

We have worked on various public transit (BRT) and   public transport  improvement projects in different capacities  and are fully capable to provide services including, Comprehensive mobility plan, Feasibility studies and more.

Project planning and tracking

We offer a full range of high-value, “start-to-finish” pre-construction and construction management and optimization services

Our Notable Clients

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