DHA Creek Flyover

DHA Creek Flyover

Feasibility study of Proposed DHA Creek Flyover

Creek Road is located on the west of DHA Karachi along the coast line. This Road is constructed as a bypass road to avoid congestion on DHA internal roads and also minimize the traffic on major roads of DHA including Khayaban e Ittehad, Korangi Road etc. Creek Road has to access points; one at Khayaban e Ittehad Road near Masjid Ayesha and other on Korangi Road.

DHA Creek Road Flyover is proposed on Korangi Road access point on intersection of Korangi Road and Creek Road. This flyover is planned to avoid conflicting movement on the entrance of Creek Road.

This study is performed to examine the feasibility of flyover on DHA Creek Road access point on Korangi Road. Think Transportation performed Midblock count survey, U-turn count survey, Intersection count survey and turning movement count survey on relevant location and on entry locations of DHA. Think transportation also performed License plate survey to track the travel pattern of vehicles in DHA. This information is then used to compute existing travel demand and possible travel demand shift after reduction of conflicts on Creek Road access points. This information is then used to examine the feasibility of proposed flyover.

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