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Feasibility Study of New Freight Train from Karachi Port to Pipri Marshalling Yard

The KPT is located on the east of Arabian Sea and the city has been developed around the port. The entire in-going and out-going port traffic has to pass through the city, further congesting the city roads. CHEC proposes to undertake a Feasibility study to decongest KPT berths off dock space constraints and increased traffic operations inside the port that significantly affects the port logistics. This increased traffic in form of Road traffic both direct and indirect has affected the road network capacity of the Karachi Road Network negatively in reduced traffic capacity. The low levels of service on the highways that feed Port related traffic has over a period of time has deteriorated leading to congestion at various times during the day.

This Study therefore takes a holistic approach to the problem. It will result in solution for better transport system management by capitalizing on dysfunctional facilities and rehabilitating the accessibility requirements of Cargo traffic emanating from the Port by using a Multi Modal approach to solve the ills of existing and potential traffic intensity problems and convert into an efficient solution by reducing the traffic demand on existing road space.

The proposal centers around developing a Shuttle Train System to transfer KPT generated cargo including Containers to Pipri Marshalling Yard located east of KPT is about 45 Kms by rail and 48 Kms by road along N-5 highway for further processing of cargo related handling procedures. The Pipri Marshalling yard is spread over around 2000 Acres (810 Hectares) is grossly underutilized with a complex of Rail lines, hump and switching facilities to allow formation of trains for dispatch onwards to up Country.

The project proposes to undertake a condition survey of the Network infrastructure within and around the periphery of KPT and develop a rehabilitation plan to bring about a system of optimal utilization of the Rail Complex with its related components. The connectivity to all shore side facilities of the Berths including the SAPT Stage-I initial and proposed extension plans for the following development and commissioning of planned modules of the multi stages of DWCT as per Master Plan. This plan envisages construction of 11 additional berths ultimately to consist of 5 kms of Quay length. The DWCT projected demand for Cargo will have to be taken into consideration. Implementation of the 4 berths module connectivity with surrounding road network and the circulation of Truck Traffic to gain access from east and western network are already being implemented by KPT.

On the demand side the KPT has forecasted massive future cargo tonnage. Indeed, this has led to consideration for Cross Harbour Bridge (KCH) for which feasibility studies were undertaken and updated. Considering the heavy cost of KHC, the KPT has considered the feasibility of an expressway to be built bypassing all existing traffic bottlenecks and directly facilitating the port related traffic to Northern bypass for ultimate access to M-9 presently being upgraded to Motorway standard. This feasibility study proposes to utilize the existing rail infrastructure to be improved and move port related traffic directly to Pipri Marshalling yard. The trucking industry seeking their share of Cargo loading will take place at the Marshalling yard thus obviating their need to be at KPT to collect the cargo. Similarly, the incoming cargo for loading upto vessels for export could be delivered by the Shuttle Trains from Pipri Marshalling Yard to KPT for their onward loading on vessels.

The need assessment will therefore require a number of surveys both classified counts, OD Surveys, opinion surveys, willingness to pay existing storage capacity surveys including charges and Rail Yards within the port area. Similarly, Railway System Connectivity and condition surveys will be undertaken. There will also be surveys with respect to Vehicular Traffic specifically those that may conflict with the rail alignment.

A cost modal will be developed to allow for testing of various Scenario’s designed to study the cost implications, for example, the TPX yard of Karachi Port Trust a facility spread over 344 Hectare is already connected with the Port Rail Line. If this is included as part of the route to Pipri yard, its terminal costs may have cost implications. Similarly, the yard owned by Pakistan Railways and connected to KPT may also be considered for intermediate cargo handling could have cost implications.

As part of CPEC projects, it is noted that under the category of Rail Projects the Government has included quadrupling of Karachi to Hyderabad Railway Line for 163 Kms. The inclusion of this as part of CPEC essentially adds two lines passing through Pipri Marshalling Yard. Consulting services for upgradation has already been invited in 2016.

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