Commercial Avenue x Khayaban e Bahria

Project Description

Geometric Design and Traffic Circulation Plan Improvement of Commercial Avenue x Khayaban e Bahria Intersection DHA, Karachi

Commerical Avenue x Khayaban e Bahria Intersection is one of the major traffic serving intersection of DHA with Commercial Avenue and Khayaban e Bahria connecting traffic from Sunset Boulevard Road and Korangi Road via Gizri and Khayaban e Ittehad Road respectively.

Due to its importance as major roads linking intersection, this intersection serves significant traffic. Think transportation perform topographic survey, vehicle count survey to analyze the traffic pattern and execute microscopic modelling and simulation of intersection to identify weaknesses in design and circulation plan. Then the findings of microscopic simulation based on different scenarios and test cases, provide bases for different alternatives and solution to enhance the efficiency of traffic control system on study intersection.


Project Details